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"Earth based alternatives, 

a natural way to live."

A bit about our Herbalist , Athena

Well, the short of it is, I am a Folk Herbalist, Organic Gardener, Tasseomancer and Mother. There's more to it than that though.

 I have been interested in gardening for as long as I can remember. Since a small child I have had a strong connection to the Earth. Most of those long and hot Oklahoma summer days  were spent helping my elderly neighbor in his garden.  He taught me to care for and harvest vegetables by touch and smell. Even though he was blind, he still enjoyed gardening every single day. He appreciated each day and showed me that there really is light in a world otherwise filled with darkness. While I considered this just fun play time doing what made me happy, he was making lasting impressions that would later be the foundation of healing.  I look back on my time spent covered in dirt, sweat and blisters and I smile. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for those times. It was my brief reprieve from a place that I would spend the next several years trying to escape. 

 In 2008 in Dallas, Texas I gave birth to my son and, just like most parents, this would change my life forever. Once I became a mother I felt what love truly is. I knew that I wanted to be the absolute best mother that I could possibly be. So I got help. I knew I couldn't deal with the pain alone anymore. Dealing with the physical and emotional pain I've had since childhood, it was time to get help. My son needed me, I needed me. In 2011 I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and PTSD. This truly began my journey to healing. In a desperate attempt to get better I hospitalized myself and was placed on several medications. But things were not falling into place. I lost my job, and locked myself away in my home for a very long time. I have always gardened. It has always been a place of peace for me. Before I lost my job I was able to spend very little time in my garden. The garden suffered and I suffered. Then all of a sudden I had the time. I was sick most days  but slowly I was getting out there more and more.  It wasn't until I truly poured myself into garden therapy and counseling that things began to turn around.  This gave me the confidence to take control of the healing process and research natural ways to ease the symptoms. Then in 2016, after years of dirt, growth and education, I created Laughing Lily Herbal Apothecary. I have enjoyed spending the years since providing the San Antonio and Austin area with gifts from my garden. I also enjoy working closely  with others who have suffered childhood trauma and adults who deal with the permanent scars of child abuse. I want to encourage others to get dirty and push their fear and pain into the ground. The healing and growth that comes from gardening is truly a gift that keeps giving. I joined the Herbalists Without Borders in 2019 as a way to expand beyond my community and continue to give back to the world! I believe in the values that the Herbalists Without Borders stand by. I truly feel deeply that everyone deserves the right to a natural life that not only heals people, but also the Earth. I specialize in organic tinctures, liniments, and herbal tea blends. My passion is my connection to the Earth. Being able to do what makes me complete has changed my life. After years of homeschooling my son I have been able to discover that I really enjoy teaching my passion. Recently I decided to take that passion and experience into a learning atmosphere. I now instruct workshops covering a variety of subjects including practical herbal uses and gardening!

While one day I plan to travel the world, I currently have my roots planted in San Antonio, Texas with my son. 

Know where it's grown! 

Our Mullein is grown right here in the Laughing Lily Garden!